"Giving love is the really beautiful experience, because then you are an emperor. Getting love is very small experience, and it is the experience of a beggar. Don't be a beggar. At least as far as love is concerned, be an emperor, because it is an inexhaustible quality in you." - Osho

Love is  all compassing, unconditional

True love doesn't choose an object

Let's start with our family and our close friends, and why not with our colleagues.

  • Looking at them with love, without any judgement, accepting them as they are will transform our relationships.
  • Asking ourselves why it is so difficult to accept them as they are, exploring what it triggers inside ourselves, why we feel uncomfortable, angry, upset ?

It is not the other who has to change, it is ourselves

It is not the other who has to change, it is ourselves. If we change, the relationship will change and we will (re)-discover the other in his beauty, accepting him with his forces and vulnerabilities.

Then a true relationship based on love, can start. Don't wait for tomorrow, start right now and let love spread into the world.


I recommend you the book of Osho "Love" : simple, clear and powerful.


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